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About Spero Hope

​I'm Jamie, the face of Spero-Hope, LLC. Shortly before Christmas in 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This news changed my whole world. Here I was, only 33 years old and the mother of two young boys who needed me, and I faced a major medical crisis. I had a bilateral mastectomy and four rounds of chemo. I was lucky to have a tremendous support system to help me through this time...my amazing husband, my family, my friends, my boys, and my faith.

​Now cancer-free, I have devoted my energy to living a lifestyle as free from chemicals as possible. After years of extensive research and trial-and-error experimentation, I have developed my own line of personal hygiene products that are aluminum free, paraben free, and chemical free. I am now offering deodorants, body butters, bath bombs, and shaving creams that smell amazing, work great, and don't pollute your body. 

I am thrilled to be raising awareness for breast cancer and healthy, chemical-free living.

Studio I is excited to offer an all Natural, 
​Paraben Free, Aluminum Free & Chemical Free Product Line!

​Currently Offering 6 Different Body Butters, Deodorant and Hand Sanitizer
Stop By either Studio I locations or Naturally Yours to get yours today!
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