​Appointments for wigs, hairpieces & breast fittings are strongly recommended and will ensure that one of our certified breast fitters or licensed cosmetologists are available for your consultation/ fitting. Please be prompt so we have plenty of time to address all your needs.  Due to the time it requires to do a professional and complete fitting that you need. Arriving fifteen minutes late may require us to reschedule your appointment.. 

​To our Studio I Boutique Customers,

At Studio I Boutique there is no higher priority than the well-being of our employees and and our customers. As we work closely with the mandates of the CDC we have taken measures to expand our already stringent health and hygiene standards that we are required to maintain as a result of our healthcare accreditation by the American Board for Certification of Orthotics, Prosththetics, and Pedorthics. 

  • Disinfecting all high-touch more frequently such as:
    • ​Desk counter tops and chair armrests 
    • Product displays 
    • Computer keyboards and screens 
    • Phones and credit card machines 
    • Shelves, handrails and other high traffic items and spaces.

  • Daily housekeeping services including, increased sanitation of our fitting rooms, wig salon areas, and restrooms. 

  • In an effort to follow CDC guidelines for for large groups of people we are limiting the number of guests who come with a customer. 

  • We are communicating regularly with our employees to ensure they have the information they need to stay healthy. Also instructions to stay home if they have any symptoms of Covid-19 until they are symptom free. 

  • We are continuously monitoring the Covid-19 activity and and following the latest guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other local and national health organizations. Watching closely to see when we can reopen for business. 

  • We appreciate everyone's understanding and support as we navigate through this challenging situation,. You have our commitment to make every effort to do what is right for our customers, our employees and the communities we serve. Hoping to see you all soon. 

Thank you for being one of our Studio I Boutique customers! 

Blessings for good health, 

Sharie S. Conard 


Studio I Boutique/Michigan, Indiana